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Unfortunately for the majority of Americans, a single unfortunate event can result in financial devastation from which even hard work and commitment may not resolve. Sometimes bankruptcy protection may be the only viable option.

The purpose of bankruptcy is to allow a debtor to have a “fresh start” and provide a method for creditors to be repaid. Through bankruptcy, debtors liquidate their assets or may restructure their finances to fund the repayment of their debts. Bankruptcy law may permit debtors to keep certain exempt assets, like their home, car and common household goods, therefore allowing them to maintain a basic standard of living while they work to repay creditors or re-establish their financial stability. The goal is to permit debtors to re-emerge as financially capable and productive members of society.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is effective at discharging (erasing) unsecured debts, including:

  • credit cards
  • medical bills
  • payday loans
  • utility bills, and more

In order to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, you must qualify under the means test, obtain credit counseling and then complete a debtor education course.

At Keeney Atkins Law, our lawyers want to provide you every solution available for your financial distress, and sometimes the best solution is bankruptcy. The attorneys at Keeney Atkins Law understand that debt can cause emotional and even physical stress for those burdened by it. Helping our clients through the bankruptcy process is incredibly valuable for those who do not see a way out of the financial hole in which they find themselves. Should you ever find yourself in such a financial hole, be it a party to debt collection lawsuits, judgment liens, garnishments or other debt collection devices, do not wait any longer and call the attorneys at Keeney Atkins Law for help.