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Personal and business conflicts arise every day. Whether you are forced to pursue or defend a claim in state or federal court, or before any one of a myriad of administrative bodies, the impact of litigation can be time consuming and costly. Keeney | Atkins focuses on providing our clients with aggressive, cost-effective litigation support in an effort to resolve disputes and achieve results that protect our clients, their businesses and their reputations.

Keeney | Atkins utilizes a variety of strategies when tackling any litigation matter on behalf of its clients. These range from mediation and arbitration, to trial and appellate advocacy. We reject the “one size fits all” approach to litigation, and work with our clients to implement a strategy to achieve desired results.

Keeney | Atkins handles all types of disputes, including the following:

·        Breach of Contract ·        Shareholder Disputes
·        Personal Injury ·        Construction
·        Labor ·        Leases
·        Landlord/Tenant ·        Employment
·        Insurance ·        Real Estate
·        Land Use ·        Probate/Estates
·        Land Development ·        Tax